She’s not with me!

So what’s really up with Katharine McPhee?
The “American Idol” runner-up, who begged off the annual “Idol” concert tour because of laryngitis and bronchitis, is causing quite a bit of chatter because she’s made several appearances since claiming to be ill.
All the talk, mostly on the Internet, forced McPhee to respond.
“I have heard a rumor that I will be missing the entire [‘Idol’] tour. I can assure you that is completely false,” McPhee wrote in an e-mail to a fan site,
“I am looking to join the tour around the 21st [of July]. That is the doctors [sic] orders, not mine.”
McPhee, who finished second to “Soul Patrol” man Taylor Hicks in last May’s “Idol” finale, was spotted at a Cosmo Girl photo shoot two weeks ago, the day after the “Idol” tour premiered in Manchester, N.H.
She says she was well enough to attend the photo shoot, but just couldn’t talk while she was there.
McPhee’s continued absence from the tour has spurred whispers that she pulled out completely after a disagreement with producers 19 Entertainment.
“I love you, and please know that I would never intentionally miss ‘Idol’ shows so I can work on my own individual career,” McPhee wrote.
“I want people to know that I am not bedridden. I’m no longer contagious. I don’t have to be a prisoner in my L.A. home,” she wrote.
“My management company is still trying to utilize this down time.”
McPhee, who was raised in Los Angeles, was criticized by some fans of “Idol” last season for what they perceived to be a lack of emotion.