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Fraser & Weisz Return For “Mummy 3”
It’s confirmed, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz will return for another Mummy thrill-ride on the big-screen. reports the news comes from Oded Fehr (who played Ardeth Bay in the previous two films), during an interview for his latest film, Resident Evil: Extinction.
While it was previously thought the plot for the new movie would be set in modern times, recent reports have the film set during the 1940’s, years after events from The Mummy Returns.
A new character has being added for the latest chapter, to play the now-grown son of O’Connell and Evelyn (Fraser & Weisz), who apparently gets most of the action scenes with the new ‘Mummy’, in the form of a Chinese Emperor known as Qin Shihuang.