8895 – This might be okay as she does have a great voice, but please, please, please don’t make her sound too much like Luanne! Tinkerbell is stronger than that!!

Brittany Murphy is voice of Disney’s Tinker Bell
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Walt Disney Co on Tuesday said “Just Married” actress Brittany Murphy will provide the voice for the fairy Tinker Bell in an upcoming animated film, the first in the new Disney Fairies line.
Murphy, 28, provides the voice for the character Luanne Platter on the animated TV show “King of the Hill.” Her voice will be the first ever to emanate from the mouth of Peter Pan’s feisty sidekick in a Disney animated film. The direct-to-video film is due out in 2007.
Disney’s Fairy franchise rolled out last fall and follows on the success of the company’s Princess line, which has grossed $3 billion in fiscal 2005.