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Superman Returns Reviews Fly In
Early ‘net reactions say it soars
The cape is ironed, the boots polished and the pants still outside the tights.
Superman Returns arrives in theatres next week and -almost all – early reaction to Bryan Singer’s re-jigging of the world’s most famous superhero says it’s a flyer.
“A worthy successor to Superman: The Movie and Superman II, if never quite as much fun. A darker take on Superman, the polished, character-driven narrative and Routhís fine performance ensure that the Man Of Steel will remain a magnet for moviegoers” – Empire
“Grandly conceived and sensitively drawn Superman saga. Sure to rate with aficionados alongside “Spider-Man 2” and, for many, “Batman Begins” on the short list of best superhero spectaculars…One can praise newcomer Routh very highly indeed” – Variety
“This is one summer blockbuster whose 150 minute-running time will fly by as fast as Superman himself” – Mike Goodridge,
“This is the film I was hoping and dreaming for…The film is filled with love for more than just the previous movies, but the comics and even the classic George Reeves television show. This honors them all, while doing its own wonderful thing” – Harry Knowles
“Singer has made a much better film than [Superman] part I or part II — craftier, a bit dryer, more fully rendered, less comic book-y, and more deeply felt” – Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere
And because there’s always one…
“Where to start on Superman Returns? It’s terribly cast, poorly conceived, extremely light on action, features a romance that is not remotely romantic, doesn’t feature a single memorable, “gosh, that was great” repeat-to-your-friends moment in a positive way (the blunder bits start early and often), will be crushed by Pirates of The Caribbean II and played out completely before August 1″ – David Poland, Movie City News