Fraggle Rock – 2nd Season Date Confirmed! Plus Price, Specs, & More!
Way back in January we had news that Fraggle Rock – The Complete 2nd Season would make it to DVD on September 5th. In the past few days we’ve received confirmation from industry sources that this is indeed the date that HIT Entertainment will be shipping this product, and this time it will get to the retailer channels via their new distributor, Fox Home Entertainment.
Cost will be $49.98 SRP, for 175 minutes of Fraggle fun in 1.33:1 full screen video and English Dolby Stereo 2.0 audio. While extras weren’t mentioned by our contacts, we’ve already seen reports that we can expect new interviews and home videos shot by “Wembly” and “Sprocket” puppeteer Steve Whitmire.
This will be great fun, and we can’t wait! Expect more Fraggle Rock to continue to come to DVD in the lead-up to the new 2007 big-screen Fraggle film that Brian Henson is pulling together, taking the gang into outer space! It’s not a stretch, actually, since the very first episode showed Gobo’s Uncle Matt heading through the opening to outer space…so don’t forget that “outer space” to them is the world of humans (like us). Stay tuned and we’ll bring you more about the upcoming releases that are sure to tie in with this new movie that’s in the works.