I would have liked to see the clip show, but since I never actually saw the pilot, I will watch that instead.

NBC has yanked a “West Wing” retrospective that was supposed to air right before Sunday’s series finale.
Instead, viewers will see the series’ pilot episode, which originally aired in 1999, and has been repeated many times over the years – including on NBC’s sister cable network, Bravo (which airs “West Wing” repeats).
The pilot is also on the show’s first-season DVD.
Scrapping the retrospective was a “creative” decision, an NBC spokesman said yesterday.
“We decided to go with airing the pilot,” he offered by way of explanation.
But insiders say NBC didn’t want to air the retrospective because it would have to pay the “West Wing” actors for their additional work – and it just wasn’t worth it in this era of network cost-cutting, especially for a show that’s lost much of its audience.
NBC announced plans for the one-hour retrospective last January. The sudden decision to scrap it left many “West Wing” fans feeling cranky – and sounding off on the show message board.
“I’m just confused at this decision and trying to put myself in NBC’s position,” wrote “bluemeister.” “The only thing I can think of is that they can then include the retrospective on the Season 7 box set and tout it as ‘exclusive’ and ‘never-before-aired.’ ”
“I, too, am less-than-thrilled with this decision,” wrote “TheMuse.” “I have yet to talk to one person happy about seeing the pilot for the millionth time.”
Writes another fan with the screen name “Neurosturgeon”: “I think that they canceled the retrospective because the ratings of the show have been so low that they don’t think that there is any reason to spend any ‘new money’ on a loser.
“Showing the pilot will cost them nothing. It is a cheap way to fill up an hour. It is all about the money.”