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Ziggy Marley pledges “Love” on new album
NEW YORK (Billboard) – Ziggy Marley has just finished work on his second solo record, “Love Is My Religion,” a disc of groove-laden songs touching on the most universal of emotions.
“It’s all about love and all aspects of love,” the reggae scion told “The title track is about love between a man and a woman. It just means, ‘Hey baby, I’m all love.”‘
Marley’s first album since his marriage about a year ago, “Love is My Religion” is also his second disc apart from longtime backing group the Melody Makers. He plays most of the instruments on the disc, most of which was recorded at his home studio in Jamaica.
As the eldest son of Bob Marley, he has been in the spotlight since he was a toddler, and he says the new album reflects his three decades in music. “It’s my best, because I’ve taken all that experience and I’ve learned so much, and I kind of understand where I want the music to be,” he said.
“Right now, I want to groove more. I want to be onstage and be able to groove throughout the whole album. In the past, I was very artsy, and I did a lot of artistic things, which was just for me. But that should have been just for me,” he added, laughing. “Now, I’m grooving for everybody.”
Marley says the record will most likely be released in July via his Tuff Gong Worldwide label. He’s currently in negotiations for a distributor. “Nobody owns my stuff. I own it,” he said. “So what I did was form a new Tuff Gong, which is like Tuff Gong without any attachments to any other labels.”
Now 37, one year older than his father at the time of his death from cancer in 1981, Marley is excited to gain new footing in the business world. After recording for Virgin and Elektra with the Melody Makers, and releasing his 2003 solo debut via Private Music, he’s now a free agent.
“This is the best time, in terms of owning your own masters,” he said. “This was a dream of my father. I’m actually fulfilling what he wanted. Right now, I feel like I’m doing for him what he wanted to do. After ‘Uprising,’ his last album for Island Records, he was going to do his own thing.”
In 2003, the Marley family discovered a box of Bob’s previously unreleased recordings and may eventually release them on an album. The first unheard song, “Slogans,” featured a guitar overdub from Eric Clapton, appeared on last year’s singles collection “Africa Unite.”
Marley says a second tune, “Real Good Time,” will boast drumming from the Police’s Stewart Copeland, but he did not reveal a planned release date. “We’ll wait for the right time,” he said.