I love the show, but I am not psyched for an all-star edition.

‘Big Brother’ Picks All-Star Team
LOS ANGELES — “Survivor” did it, with mixed results. “The Bachelor” has done it. And this summer, “Big Brother” will follow suit.
The CBS show, which will have its seventh incarnation this year, has decided to populate its house with past players this time around. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting “Big Brother: All-Stars.”
The network is banking on familiar faces to boost interest in the show, which suffered a fairly sizable ratings decline last summer; the three weekly episodes averaged between 700,000 and 1.2 million fewer viewers than their 2004 counterparts.
In what CBS says is a first for any “Big Brother” franchise worldwide, the network will let fans pick who enters the house. Viewers will choose 12 people from a pool of 20 past contestants — where have you gone, Chicken George, Marcellas and Nakomis? — to enter the house and play the game.
The choice of host is not up for a vote: Julie Chen will be back in her familiar spot.
CBS hasn’t announced the 20 potential All-Stars yet, nor has it said how voting will be done. As with past versions of the show, the winner will walk away with $500,000.