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“Lost” Star Finds New Show
And another one bites the dust?
Try as the Lost writers might to keep a lid on series-shifting spoilers, when one of its stars is tapped to join another TV show, it would seem that that person’s fate on the island is pretty much sealed.
(SPOILER ALERT: If you aren’t interested in hearing about a possible death on Lost, read no further. And avoid the Internet for the next four weeks.)
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cynthia Watros, who plays Hurley’s love interest, Libby, has been cast in a CBS comedy pilot, calling into severe question her chances of making it out of Lost’s second season alive.
Watros has signed on to star opposite Love Monkey’s Tom Cavanagh in the sitcom My Ex-Life, centering on a divorced couple turned best buds who are sharing custody of their children. The show is aiming for a slot on CBS’ fall schedule, which will be announced next month.
In what appears to be attempt to minimize revealing Lost plot points, the Reporter notes that Watros has committed to be a guest star and not a regular on the show. However, with her character being one of the two divorced parents in My Ex-Life, it seems that the guest star line is just a smoke screen.
Per usual, Lost producers aren’t talking. They’ve already killed one regular this season–Shannon ( Maggie Grace) was mistakenly gunned down by Ana-Lucia ( Michelle Rodriguez)–but with tension mounting between the so-called Lostaways and the Others, it would be surprising if there wasn’t at least one more grave to be dug on the island.
Watros is one of three full-time cast members to have joined Lost this season, along with Rodriguez and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko). The three were among the “Tailies,” those who were in the rear of the plane and survived on the other side of the island.
Fans, for one, have long been speculating on who would be the next Tailie to go, with early rumor-mongering centering on Rodriguez as the marked woman. Rodriguez and Watros were both arrested on DUI charges last year. Watros copped a plea and lost her license, but Rodriguez, who faces potentially more serious legal trouble because she’s on probation in another case, decided to fight the rap and is set to go to trial next week. Tabloid reports have suggested that Rodriguez is a disruptive force on the set, and her character has never endeared herself to Lost’s die-hard fans after killing Shannon.
But producers sought to quell predictions of Ana-Lucia’s demise–or at least create a misdirection–saying that her personal life would not affect her tenure on the show.
Further suggesting that Watros may be, well, lost forever, is the industry precedent of offing stars who land pilot gigs on other networks.
The most notable would be Drea de Matteo, who, despite proclamations to the contrary, met her demise on The Sopranos shortly after signing on to Joey. More recently, 24’s Dennis Haysbert (President Palmer) announced last year he had joined the CBS drama The Unit. By the end of this season’s first episode, President Palmer was dead.
Lost ends its second season with a special two-hour finale May 24. In the meantime, pray for Libby.