Is anyone actually hoping this will happen?!?!

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We’ve all wished they’d just get on and do it but a Friends reunion is no closer to happening right now.
And apparently it’s all down to one of the three lads.
Rumours of a reunion were fired up after Kathleen Turner – who played the transvestite dad of Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) – revealed she had been approached about appearing in more episodes.
American TV network NBC later nixed the stories of a one-off reunion show.
However, Lisa Kudrow has now revealed it was all true – but sadly, still not on the cards.
And it’s Matthew, Matt Le Blanc or David Schwimmer who’s to blame, she reckons – not Jennifer Aniston, as had been rumoured.
“There is an opportunity for the rest of us to do a reunion show but one member has said no,” Lisa said.
“It’s one of the guys. I’m gutted.”
Lisa’s new venture, The Comeback, a satire of reality shows, has not been as successful as she had hoped.
There’s been a Friends-shaped hole in our TV schedules for almost two years now.
The series ran for 10 years and 240 episodes and made gazillion-dollar fortunes for its six stars.