Here’s hoping the music she makes isn’t “garbage”!!

Garbage’s Shirley Manson Flying Solo
With Garbage on a hiatus of undetermined length, frontwoman Shirley Manson has begun work on her first solo album. The artist tells she recently completed a track with U.K. film composer David Arnold, with whom she collaborated on the theme song for the 1999 James Bond film “The World Is Not Enough.”
“I just went to London last week and we wrote a song together,” she says. “It was really quick and fast and it was really good fun.” Manson admits with a laugh that beginning to write with other people is “scary and really exciting and super-freaky. It feels really weird to talk about it!”
Manson says she has no timetable for completing the project and is more interested in enjoying herself. “I’ve got no timetable. I’m sort of sick of timetables, to be honest,” she says. “I just want to live my life a little freely and not adhere to any schedule — just make music and have fun.”
The artist acknowledges Garbage fans were confused by the mixed messages surrounding the start of the band’s hiatus last fall, but insists, “We’re still together, absolutely. We all feel like we want to go off and do a variety of things. [Drummer] Butch [Vig] is going back into production and some other guys are working on film soundtracks.”
“Being the chaotic bunch we are, we should have put a press release together but we didn’t,” she adds. “We were quite taken aback by how big a deal was made of it. But we love each other and we still want to work together. We’re just taking a break. We’ve had a crazy decade.”