Stewie rocks, but in all honesty anyone would be better than Carson Daly!!

Earl Hickey, Meet Stewie Griffin
LOS ANGELES — Imagine for a moment a TV world in which Earl Hickey, after winning his $100,000 and getting run over by a car, doesn’t see Carson Daly talking about karma from his hospital bed.
Imagine, instead, that he instead took a life lesson from … Stewie Griffin.
Or, save yourself some imaginative effort and just wait until the first season of “My Name Is Earl” is released on DVD sometime later this year. Because then you’ll find out.
Greg Garcia, creator of the hit NBC comedy, unveiled plans for the show’s first-season DVD set Tuesday night (March 7) to the audience at the Museum of Television & Radio’s annual Paley Festival. He says it should be released before the show’s second season begins in the fall, and it will contain a fair number of bells and whistles including commentary tracks and selections from “hours and hours” of gag-reel footage cast and crew have accumulated this year.
“We’re actually doing 15-minute mini-episode [that asks] what if Earl [Jason Lee] passed by Carson Daly and landed on Stewie from ‘Family Guy,'” Garcia says. Garcia is a former producer on “Family Guy,” and both it and “Earl” are produced by 20th Century Fox TV.
Lee and Garcia also discussed the origins of television’s most famous facial hair since the heyday of “Magnum, P.I.” Garcia says that NBC initially was hesitant about having a mustachioed Earl, “but Jason said, ‘Trust me, I look funny with facial hair.'”
The network did, however, convince Lee to trim the ‘stache back a little bit. “I originally went for a fu manchu, but NBC said no. I guess it made me look a little bit too trashy,” he says. “So we sort of shaved off the chu and left the fu man.”
“My Name Is Earl” is in the homestretch of production for this season, with three episodes and part of a fourth left to shoot. Garcia says in the season finale, we’ll find out the No. 1 item on Earl’s karmic to-do list, which was the misdeed he performed just before he won the lottery.
Other upcoming episodes include two that were screened for the audience Tuesday: one in which Earl and Randy (Ethan Suplee) try to make up for all the bad Mother’s Days they’ve given their mom (Nancy Linehan and Beau Bridges reprise their roles as Earl’s parents) and a flashback-heavy episode that shows how Earl, Randy, Joy (Jaime Pressly) and Darnell (Eddie Steeples) lived through Y2K.