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Why ‘Sex in the City’ movie didn’t happen
NEW YORK — There will be no big-screen Sex in the City.
Sarah Jessica Parker, who played advice columnist Carrie Bradshaw on the hit cable TV series, says the time has passed.
“There was a time in 2004 and even last year when there was great momentum for a film.
“The production was all set and readied and the script was ready,” reveals Parker.
“We had our stages up but those stages are gone now. The sets have been dismantled and sold. The wardrobe is gone. There are nothing but memories left.”
She doesn’t even pretend it wasn’t Kim Cattrall who put the brakes on a feature film.
“It’s true, everyone was on board for the film except Kim.”
She’s a little more cautious when asked why Cattrall, who played catty, vampy Samantha, refused to participate.
“I was led to believe there were a number of reasons. It wasn’t just a case of money, but I’m not certain exactly what all those reasons were.
“You have to respect someone’s choice to want to move on in their life.”
Though Sex in the City gave Parker’s career an enormous boost, she’s not looking for another TV series any time soon.
“If I’d wanted to continue doing TV I’d have done more seasons of Sex in the City,” she says.
“TV is too demanding and I want to spend more time with my son. He’s almost three now and he needs me. Films are less of a commitment.”
Nor does Parker see herself doing a Broadway show.
“That would take me away from my son every night for months. That’s even worse than the daytime commitment of a TV series.”
On March 10, Parker will be seen starring opposite Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy Failure to Launch.
She has already completed the race relations drama Spinning into Butter with Beau Bridges and Miranda Richardson.