I love Katie, but I just don’t think of her as a news anchor!

It is exactly 100 days until Katie Couric’s contract on the “Today” show expires √≥ and NBC seems to be preparing for bad news.
Two news leaks over the weekend indicate that Katie is ready to leave the show to take over the anchor desk at “CBS Evening News.”
First, TV Guide reports that Nat alie Morales has moved to the top of the replace ment list if Katie bolts to CBS.
Morales is close to signing a long-term deal with the network, which would move her out of MSNBC, where she’s been a daytime anchor since 2002, to become a “full-time correspondent” for “Today.”
Meanwhile, the authoritative trade magazine Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that “NBC lawyers have told Couric’s agent, CAA’s Alan Berger, ‘not to put us through hoops’ . . . if Couric doesn’t really plan to stay.”
According to the magazine, Katie has already begun talking to several close and trusted colleagues √≥ “hypothetical, what-if” conversations, it called the talks √≥ about coming with her if she jumps.
Morales has already begun appearing regularly on the third hour of “Today.”
Being on the air during the more heavily watched 7-9 a.m. hours would mean more exposure and a chance for viewers to get to know her better.
While there’s no guarantee Morales would definitely replace Couric, it’s as close to an on-the-job tryout as anyone is going to get.
“It solidifies her role in the ‘Today’ family,” an NBC insider says.