I can neither get a yes or no answer to whether or not this is true!!

Doctor Who – Canadian Release Of 2005 Show Delayed?!?!
The 2005 version of Doctor Who, starring Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor, was delayed in the USA until the 4th of July holiday, due to the SciFi Channel’s pick-up of the show for broadcast in the USA on the popular cable network.
The Canadian release, as of last week, was still on track for its long-planned February 14th release.
Even though’s website now states “Usually ships within 24 hours.” there are some internet rumours that the streetdate is now March 7th.
I have ordered it from and in my account information it states: “Delivery estimate: Feb 21 2006 – Feb 23 2006.”
I can’t get any real confirmation on this, but if it is delayed until March, it is still coming out four months ahead of the south-of-the-border DVD release!