Doctor Who


Doctor Who – The Doctor calls in sick – Season 1 delayed
Earlier today we received a report that Doctor Who may be delayed from the planned Feb 14 release date.
We checked with the BBC PR company, and they checked with BBC and were told that there were “complications” with the set, and it wouldn’t meet the release date.
This doesn’t surprise us since nothing with this release has gone according to every other BBC title.
The release was announced, yet the Warner Home Video (their distributor) press site had nothing about it for weeks, then once it was added to the press site it still wasn’t available to purchase.
It could be that the delay was simply caused by the slow process of getting the title information out to retailers, or it could have been delayed due to ongoing negotiations with a US broadcaster (the series hasn’t been shown in the US yet).
We called Warner Canada to find out if the title will be delayed as well, and while Warner Canada hadn’t received a delay notice, they expected to receive one given the delay in the US.