May he rest in peace!!

Reaction to the Death of Richard Pryor
Comments on comedian Richard Pryor, who died Saturday:
“By expressing his heart, anger and joy, Richard Pryor took comedy to its highest form.” √≥ comedian Steve Martin.
“Richard Pryor was one of the true pioneers of his art form. He was the Charlie Parker of comedy, a master of telling the truth that influenced every comedian that came after him. Our friendship went back to his days as a young comedian at Cafe Wha in New York, and although I will miss him like a brother, the legacy that he leaves will forever be with us.” √≥ music producer Quincy Jones.
“He was the single most seminal, comedic influence in the last 50 years. It was so appropriate that he received the inaugural Mark Twain prize, as they both did the same thing. Mark Twain showed us what it was like on the frontier and living on the Mississippi and what it was like living at the turn of the century, and Richard Pryor showed us what it was like to live in the inner city. His concepts are so hysterically funny and unique.” √≥ comedian Bob Newhart.
“I wish that every new and young comedian would understand what Richard was about and not confuse his genius with his language usage.” √≥ comedian Bill Cosby.
“The Comedy Store could never thank you enough for the gift you gave us all √≥ the gift of yourself … to the audience, to the other comics and the elevation of your humor to a one-man art form.” √≥ Mitzi Shore, owner of The Comedy Store club in Los Angeles.