I guess Matt and Ben have a pact

Matt Damon Marries Girlfriend in NYC
LOS ANGELES – Matt Damon married girlfriend Luciana Bozan in a private ceremony Friday in New York City, his publicist said.
Damon, 35, and his bride exchanged wedding vows during a small ceremony at an undisclosed location, spokeswoman Jennifer Allen said. Bozan’s 7-year-old daughter witnessed the ceremony. In a previous marriage Bozan went by the name Luciana Barroso.
There were no other details. Asked if Damon’s friend and “Good Will Hunting” co-star Ben Affleck witnessed the wedding, Allen said no.
It was the first marriage for Damon, the second for Bozan. They will split their time between homes in New York and Florida.
Damon’s publicist wouldn’t discuss an “Access Hollywood” report that Damon’s bride is pregnant.
Damon and Affleck won a best screenwriting Oscar for 1997’s “Good Will Hunting.”
Damon’s screen credits also include roles in “Saving Private Ryan,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Syriana.” He met Bozan while she was working as a bartender in Florida, Allen said.
Damon is in New York shooting the Robert De Niro-directed film “The Good Shepherd” with Angelina Jolie.