Well congrats to them!

Affleck, Garner–and Baby
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s new favorite color: Violet.
The shade of purple also happens to be the name of the baby girl born to Garner, E! News has learned. The child made her debut at a Los Angeles hospital after labor was induced Wednesday night, Us Weekly reported Thursday.
“Ben was with her the entire time,” a source told the magazine.
The child is the first for both. Affleck, 33, and Garner, 34, wed June 29, almost two months after their expectant news was leaked.
In completing her labor day, Garner beats her prime-time alter ego to the nursery. Sydney Bristow, the Alias secret agent that made Garner a star, also is with child. Producers of the ABC spy series wrote in the pregnancy after Garner’s was confirmed.
Alias was canceled last week by ABC. It’ll finish its fifth and final season in May, after a previously scheduled eight-week-long maternity leave of sorts starting in January.
TV show or no, Garner’s plate is full. In addition to the baby, she has a new movie, Catch and Release, due out next year. It’s her first shot at headlining a real-people drama (from Erin Brockovich writer Susannah Grant) as opposed to a fantasy comedy (13 Going on 30) or a superhero adventure (Elektra).
Meanwhile, no bad reviews are good reviews for Father Affleck, who will not appear on the big screen in 2005–the first time that’s happened since 1994. While it might seem as if romance, marriage and pregnancy has kept the actor otherwise occupied, he might have as many as three films out next year, including Truth, Justice and the American Way, about the 1959 death of TV Superman George Reeves.
Before marrying Garner, Affleck endured the worst box office and worst publicity of his career. When he wasn’t making headlines for his overexposed, and eventually scuttled, engagement to Jennifer Lopez, he was launching dud (Gigli) after dud (Paycheck) after dud (Jersey Girl) after dud (Surviving Christmas).
Affleck and Garner met on the set of 2003’s Daredevil–he was the titular hero; she was Elektra. The two began dating in 2004, after Affleck had moved on from Lopez, and after Garner had moved on from Alias costar Michael Vartan and first-husband Scott Foley.