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Trio Punches Clock for “24”
Jack is back. And he’s bringing some friends with him.
The Fox hit 24 is dusting off the welcome mat for three more veteran actors this season, with Peter Weller, JoBeth Williams and Julian Sands joining the ever-revolving cast, the network announced Friday.
When viewers last saw Kiefer Sutherland’s rogue agent Jack Bauer, he was dropped off south of the border, handed a new identity and warned not to return to the U.S.
The new season, Day 5 in Bauer-land, kicks off 18 months later, with national security once again “brutally breached.”
The presumed-dead Bauer has taken up a new life with his girlfriend and her son, played by previously announced newcomers Connie Britton and Brady Corbett, respectively. Which is where the series’ latest additions come in.
While Fox is remaining mum on any plot details, it has confirmed that Robocop thesp Weller has signed on as federal agent Christopher Henderson, the man responsible for recruiting Bauer to the CTU more than a decade ago. Three-time Emmy nominee, and recent Fever Pitch actress, Williams plays his wife.
As for veteran British actor Sands, of Time Code and A Room with a View fame, producers have simply tagged him “billionaire bad guy” Vladimir Bierko.
But the cozy threesome aren’t the only new faces popping up on the prime-time hit this season.
Earlier this year, Fox announced several high-profile new additions to the time-sensitive drama.
In addition to Britton and Corbet, erstwhile Hobbit Sean Astin joins the clock-ticker as a regular this season, playing a fellow Counter Terrorist Unit agent.
Former Designing Woman Jean Smart rounds out the new ensemble as the first lady.
24’s fifth day kicks off with a four-hour, two-night premiere Jan. 15 and 16 on Fox, which will mark the series’ 100th episode.