SPOILERS INCLUDED!! – (PS – Lost sucks this year!!)

Plot tangles on ‘Lost’
Wednesday’s extended episode of Lost focuses on the “tailies” (the passengers in the back of the plane). After the show ends, send us any clues about them or the original group of crash survivors.
Among potential hints (or red herrings) spotted so far:
Nov. 16
Last week, a wet Walt appeared again on Lost. Before Shannon was shot, he spoke unintelligibly to her. But when Walt’s words are played backwards, is he saying: “They’re coming, and they’re close”?
Also last week, in the hospital where Shannon’s dad died, you see Jack hurrying by in his scrubs. Was Jack’s future wife – who was in the hospital after an auto accident – the driver of the SUV that killed him?
We probably won’t get answers Wednesday in the extended episode (9-10:05 ET/PT) that focuses on the tail-section survivors.
Incidentally, more than 15,000 readers voted online last week: 21% felt the producers had picked the right character to kill; 34% said they would have preferred Ana-Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) to die.
Nov. 9
√Ø It’s the number of stitches on a major-league baseball. (This ties into the Yankees’ retired-number theories covered earlier.)
√Ø It’s a sacred number in Buddhism; a prayer strand traditionally has 108 beads. (This ties into the name of the mysterious island project, the Dharma Initiative.)
√Ø It’s approximately the number of minutes some satellites take to circle Earth.
Then there is the overriding theme of fatherhood, with close examinations of the complex and troubled relationships of Jack, Sawyer, Jin and Sun, and Locke with their respective fathers – and, of course, Michael’s rebuilding of his relationship with Walt.
October 27
√ØThe teddy bear. What’s the significance of one of the Others carrying a tattered stuffed toy as he or she walked by Eko and Jin, hidden in the brush? It could be a literary reference to the Lost Boys of Peter Pan. That person could be Alex, Danielle’s child, who was taken as a baby 16 years ago. Or it could be the same teddy bear that was on Desmond’s bunk in the hatch. (Lost and Found)
√ØThose digits. The magic numbers – 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 – have all been retired by the New York Yankees, worn by Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra/Bill Dickey, Thurman Munson, Whitey Ford, Don Mattingly and Jackie Robinson, respectively. (Of course, that doesn’t account for 3, 5, 37 and 44 – Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Casey Stengel and Reggie Jackson – among others.)
√ØThat swan. One of last week’s clues was in error: The shark and the wall in the other survivors’ bunker did have Dharma Initiative logos, but they weren’t the “swan” logos found in the hatch. They were similarly shaped, but – as viewed quickly and in dim light – had different symbols. (Everybody Hates Hugo)
October 19
ï The shark that chased Sawyer and Michael on the raft had a Dharma Initiative mark on its fin. Another apparent Dharma logo was at the compound where the new group of survivors was found. (Adrift)
√Ø The actor who played Hurley’s boss, Randy (Billy Ray Gallion), played Locke’s boss, too – also named Randy. (Everybody Hates Hugo)
ï The numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 total 108, which is the number of minutes the computer operator has to reset the counter. (Man of Science, Man of Faith)