The show is starting to get boring, so if this makes it good again, I say do it!

Another ‘Lost’ actor may face axe
Yet one more castaway is getting shipped off the island – permanently.
Several Internet sites are reporting another actor on ABC’s hit TV saga Lost is getting axed Nov. 9 – the first episode to air in the highly competitive sweeps period.
Is it heroic doctor Jack (Matthew Fox)? Swaggering conman Sawyer (Josh Holloway)? Femme fatale Kate (Evangeline Lilly)?
We’ll spare you the identity of the doomed character – if you want to find out who it is, you can go to or a number of other websites – but we will say it’s one of the original cast members.
This development, however alarming, isn’t a complete shock.
After knocking off Boone (Ian Somerhalder) last year, the show’s creators said they never want viewers to feel the characters are safe.