James Bond

A bad choice for Bond is the number one reason, but here are two more reasons not to go and see it!

Moneypenny and Q Axed from ‘Casino Royale’
Producers of the forthcoming James Bond movie Casino Royale have axed the legendary Miss Moneypenny character.
Moneypenny, who has waved the suave super-spy off on some of his most perilous missions, been written out of the new film because she only fleetingly appears in Ian Fleming’s original novel.
Gadget-inventor Q, last played by John Cleese will also be absent from the new film – in which British actor Daniel Craig will play 007 for the first time.
The news is the biggest indication the new film will deviate substantially from the spirit of previous Bond adventures.
Co-producer Michael G. Wilson confirms, “Neither Miss Moneypenny nor Q will appear.
Neither of them are in the book. The film will update the novel but stick very closely to the storyline.”