James Bond

I say let the kid who played Napoleon Dynamite play him!!

007 secret safe so far as James Bond casting looms
LOS ANGELES/LONDON (Reuters) – Aptly enough for the world’s most famous spy, the decision on who replaces Pierce Brosnan as the next James Bond remains a mystery just weeks, possibly days, ahead of an official announcement.
Shooting of the 21st Bond film, “Casino Royale,” is due to begin in January, and British media and countless Bond fan sites have for months been reporting leaks, rumors and gossip about who will be next to don the “007” tuxedo.
Some media portray the delay in casting as a crisis that could cause costly production delays.
Only five actors have played Bond since Sean Connery took on Dr. No over 40 years ago. Dozens of actors have been linked with the role in recent months, including Englishmen Clive Owen and Jude Law, Australia’s Hugh Jackman and Croatia’s Goran Visnjic.
Daniel Craig is a favorite as the finishing post nears.
For the filmmakers there is more at stake than how to prepare a martini (shaken, not stirred).
Not only is Bond a national institution in Britain, but one of history’s most profitable film franchises. It has netted nearly $4 billion in ticket sales of which Brosnan’s four films grossed $1.5 billion, industry figures show.
The next film’s Hollywood backers, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. and EON Productions, which is making “Casino Royale” next year, have remained silent on who will take over as the super-spy.
“The decision hasn’t been made yet. They are casting and that takes however long it takes,” was the reply from an EON spokeswoman clearly tiring of fielding the same question.
Producers and directors familiar with casting an iconic action hero like Bond say a relative unknown is most likely.
Avi Arad, who runs Marvel Studios with its “Spider-Man” and “X-Men” movies, said the main criterion for his heroes was simply an ability to act, and that big stars were unnecessary for such a strong brand name as Marvel.
The same could be said of Bond or Batman.
“It’s such an iconic franchise and such a huge part of American culture,” John Papsidera, casting director for “Batman Begins,” said of the caped crusader.
“Inherently, (the filmmakers) felt the audience would be there as long as we didn’t screw it up.”
In the end, Christian Bale, who honed his acting skills in independent films like “The Machinist” and “American Psycho,” was chosen and proved a critical and commercial hit as Batman.
Brosnan has said he would be willing to play Bond for a fifth time, and experts believe that Sony, mindful of the Irishman’s box office clout, would welcome him back.
But websites devoted to all things Bond say producer Barbara Broccoli wants fresh blood, with “Casino Royale” returning to the start of the spy’s career on Her Majesty’s secret service.
James Page, director of Bond website (, agreed Brosnan was likely to be replaced with a lesser known actor.
“If it’s not Daniel Craig, it will be someone the public doesn’t know,” he said. “They did this with Sean Connery originally. Roger Moore was the only (Bond) actor who came in with any stature in the film industry.”
When asked who his choice would be, Arad named Australia’s Julian McMahon, who played the villain in the Marvel movie “Fantastic Four.”
Of course, the decision is not only that of filmmakers.
According to trade magazines, Owen is one of several actors approached for the role who turned it down. Bale told Reuters in May he agonized over whether to accept the Batman role, knowing it would mean losing his cherished anonymity.