Get your own 40 Year Old Virgin!!

Good DVD News!
Universal has announced the DVD release of Steve Carrell’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin, for 12/13 (SRP $29.98).
There will be three versions available on DVD – an anamorphic widescreen unrated edition with 17 minutes of additional footage, and full frame versions of the theatrical cut and the unrated version (For the record, the theatrical cut will not be available in widescreen).
Extras will include a gag reel, additional footage from the You Know How I Know You’re Gay? scene, Line-o-Rama (featuring a look at the cast saying their lines in different ways) and more.
The unrated edition will add additional deleted footage (under the label Andy’s Fantasies) and My Dinner with Stormy (a featurette in which actor/co-producer Seth Rogen has dinner with porn star Stormy Daniels).