“What you need is a logo!”

Fans of the hit drama “Lost” are buzzing about the sharp, new change in direction that the series took last week with the appearance of a mysterious logo.
The logo √≥ an octagon with the word “Dharma” in the center √≥ appeared first on a wall inside the mysterious hatch finally breached by the series’ stars.
It was glimpsed again later in the episode on the uniform worn by Desmond, who lives in the hatch and ó weirdest of all ó imbedded onto the tail of a monstrous shark, something sharp-eyed fans discovered only by freeze-framing through replays.
Does the logo represent a corporation, a government organization, a cult?
The logo was never explained on the show and, as usual, ABC refuses to talk about the clue that has been red meat for the show’s somewhat obsessive fans for nearly a week.
The appearance of the logo promises to alter dramatically the story that began last year with the marooned survivors of a plane crash trying to survive on a deserted island.
Suddenly, the show is suggesting the survivors are not as alone or cut off from the outside world as viewers were originally led to believe.
In fact, in just two episodes this year, the series writers have begun to indicate that the island is as full of life as a mid-sized town ó a surreal mid-sized town, to be sure ó and that the crash-survivors are caught up in some larger mystery or conspiracy.
It is the kind of twist that keeps fans buzzing and coming back for more.
Much of the online chatter and blogger specualtion has centered on how the logo seems to be derived from the symbol for the popular Chinese philosphy of feng shui ó a set of rules that govern life, spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of the flow of energy.
“I think the best thing about ‘Lost’ is that it inspires so much discussion,” wrote one fan, Star1, on “I’ve never seen people scrutinize single [screen shots] from a TV show before. Hats off to that.”