Seriously, why would they ever ask her to host again? She has been awful every time. As for Ellen, watch the most recent Emmy Awards and you will see that she is also a bad host! Get someone good!!!! (For the record, I am available!!!)

Goldberg Tips DeGeneres As Next Oscars Host
The Color Purple star Whoopi Goldberg has ruled out the possibility of ever hosting the Academy Awards again – and she’s recommending Ellen DeGeneres for the job.
Goldberg has had enough after hosting the prestigious ceremony four times, and she believes that fellow comedienne DeGeneres – who recently hosted the Emmy Awards – would be the perfect choice for the job.
She says, “I think actually there’s another young lady who would like to do it and so I’ve got my fingers crossed for her. I think it’s Ellen. I think she would be good.”
Comedian Chris Rock hosted this year’s awards show.