Jodie Foster

Way to go Jodie!!!

Foster Fights Cinema Battle
Jodie Foster almost lost her famous cool in a cinema recently when she stood up to a woman who was upset about her young son’s questions.
The actress took her kids to see nature documentary The March Of The Penguins and ended up confronting the bitter woman in front of her, who turned on her kid for quietly asking questions in the dark.
Foster recalls, “This woman went berserk. She started with the shushing from the get go… and then she starts yelling at me.
Finally, I just turn into the most perfect police officer where I was whispering, ‘You know, you’re really disturbing everybody, and I think it would be a good idea if you moved if you’re not happy.’
It almost came to blows. I’m pretty sure I did say something offensive at some point, something like, ‘You’re awfully young to be that bitter.’ She really lost her mind. But I was insulted. I understand. I go to a movie, I don’t want to be disturbed. But don’t go to a noon Sunday matinee of a family movie. I mean, what do you expect?”