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New Asterix and Obelix comic book set for release
A new comic book featuring the Roman-bashing warrior Asterix and his inseparable chum Obelix will be appearing in stores next month.
One of its creators, Albert Uderzo, announced the latest book in Brussels Thursday, but he revealed little about it except for the title — Le Ciel lui Tombe sur la Tete or Asterix and the Falling Sky.
He also assured fans that Asterix and the Falling Sky would not be his last album.
“I enjoy what I’m doing despite my age and as long as I can find a good idea I will make another album,” he said.
The 33rd comic book depicting the famous Gaul heroes will go on sale in 27 countries around the world on Oct. 14.
Illustrator Uderzo, 78, met author Rene Goscinny in the 1950s in Brussels, and together they created the characters, which first appeared in a French magazine in 1959.
Since then over 300 million comic books have been sold in more than 107 languages. The last title, Asterix and the Actress, sold 10 million copies.
When Goscinny died in 1977, the colourblind Uderzo continued writing and illustrating another eight albums.
Brussels was getting set to celebrate the new book this week by converting its medieval Grand-Place square into a Gaul village. Fans will be able to enjoy a “magic potion” made by village druid, for those who wish to attain Asterix style superhuman strength.