Nooo!! Not Janelle!! Well, at least Maggie will win now and not that whiner Ivette. Man she sucks as a person!!

Gruesome twosome in ‘Big Brother’ finale
It’s a depressing d√àj‚Ä° vu for ‘Big Brother’. In a repeat of the fourth season that saw despised HouseGuests Jun Song and Alison Irwin reach the finals, ‘Big Brother 6’ is on its way to another gloomy finish.
On Friday night’s live eviction telecast, Disciple Alliance members Maggie Ausburn, the 27-year-old emergency room nurse from Las Vegas and Ivette Corredero, the 25-year-old waitress from Miami, became the finalists when Ivette won the last Head of HouseHold Competition and evicted the last Outcasts Alliance member Janelle Pierzina, the 25-year-old cocktail waitress from Miami Beach.
Ivette defeated Janelle in the second tiebreaker round of a complete-the-sentence challenge with video featuring members from the ‘Big Brother 6’ jury.
“You know what’s coming,” Ivette said to Janelle as she cast her vote for eviction. “Aside from being a beautiful woman, you are an amazing, amazing player and have given me a total run for my money. I have to evict you Janelle because I have a promise.” Ivette’s compassionate words on the live broadcast were in stark contrast to the persistent name-calling and bashing of Janelle that the Disciples had participated in throughout the entire season.
With Ivette and Maggie detested for their gossiping, trash-talking and scheming ways, disappointed die-hard fans, many of whom watched the shenanigans all season long on the 24/7 Internet feeds from the ‘Big Brother’ house, were quick to pull the plug on the season.
“Why don’t they just change the name of the show to ‘The Biggest Asshole”, wrote ‘mthebrat’ on the popular Joker’s Updates site which was flooded with threats of feed subscription cancellations and sign-offs for the season immediately after the airing of Friday night’s episode.
“I will now bow out and leave these pathetic Nerd Herders to shine in their own glory because as soon as they get out in the real world and realize how the majority of people found them to be tacky, dirty and very small-minded people, the shine will be no more. They can then take their winnings and enjoy it. It’s all that they will get,” wrote ‘KataGarbo’ on the same site.
Some applauded Ivette for keeping her promise to Maggie despite the fact that Maggie is surely more popular with the ‘Big Brother 6’ jury. Some called Ivette’s decision the dumbest move in the history of the reality show since Ivette most probably had the votes to win ‘Big Brother 6’ if she had selected Janelle as the majority of the jury members are from the Disciples Alliance.
“I knew if Ivette won she would probably evict me because she has made promises to her friends in the house. I knew she would evict me. I am not surprised,” Janelle told host Julie Chen on the Couch of Shame.
Thinking for sure she would be bounced early on in the game, Janelle was surprised she had made it so far.
“What do you make of the fact that Ivette chose Maggie to make it to the final two with her,” Chen asked Janelle.
“It was a poor decision, I believe. She cannot beat Maggie. I think Maggie will win the money,” said Janelle stating also that Ivette didn’t want to break her promise and picked friendship over money. Janelle admitted that Ivette’s decision to do so might sway her jury vote.
The season finale of ‘Big Brother 6’ will air next Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. EDT on CBS. At that time, the ‘Big Brother 6’ jury will vote on whom the grand prize will be awarded to. The winner will take home $500,000 U.S. The second place finisher will score $50,000 U.S.