‘Big Brother’ HOH finalists decided
1st phase of ‘Big Brother’ comp ends
‘Big Brother’ has its final two…in the last and most important Head of Household Competition, that is.
Although the actual competition was blocked on the live 24/7 ‘Big Brother 6’ Internet feeds, viewers saw Disciples Alliance members Ivette Corredero and Maggie Ausburn discussing how disappointed they were that surviving Outcast Alliance member Janelle Pierzina was victorious in the second leg of the final HOH Challenge when the feeds returned.
“I am sorry if you have any regrets,” Ivette said to Maggie about her losing or possibly throwing the first phase of the competition.
“Everything happens for a reason,” replied Maggie.
“I feel so bad,” said Ivette, winner of the first phase.
“I could have won that competition but I misread the question,” explained Maggie who went into the Diary (confessional) Room and complained to the producers that the wording of one of the questions was hard to decipher.
Janelle will now go on to face Ivette in the final leg of the competition which will air on Friday’s live episode of ‘Big Brother 6’. The winner of the last Head of Household title will immediately vote out the last jury member and in doing so will decide who will sit beside them in the final two.
The season finale of ‘Big Brother 6’ will air next Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. EDT on CBS. The winner will take home $500,000 U.S. The second place finisher will score $50,000 U.S.