Remember the 80s?!?

New Songs Enliven Eurythmics Best-Of
The Eurythmics have re-teamed to record two new songs for the upcoming retrospective √¨Ultimate Collection,√Æ due Nov. 8 via Arista. The tracks √¨I’ve Got a Life√Æ (the first single) and √¨Was It Just Another Love Affair?√Æ were recorded in Los Angeles and mark Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart’s first new material in more than five years.
√¨Annie and I didn’t plan to go in the studio — she was staying with me in Los Angeles and we seemed to spontaneously write and record some songs,√Æ Stewart says. √¨It was just like the old days, songs coming at lightning speed and recorded and mixed in a week.√Æ
ìUltimate Collectionî is rounded out by some of the most enduring pop songs of the 1980s, including ìSweet Dreams (Are Made of This),î ìHere Comes the Rain Again,î ìWould I Lie To You?î and ìMissionary Man.î
Eurythmics’ last album of new material was 1999’s √¨Peace.√Æ Expanded reissues of the group’s studio albums have been in the pipeline for some time but have yet to be given a release date.
Here is the track list for ìUltimate Collectionî:
√¨I’ve Got a Life√Æ
ìLove Is a Strangerî
ìSweet Dreams (Are Made of This)î
√¨Who’s That Girl?√Æ
ìRight by Your Sideî
ìHere Comes the Rain Againî
ìWould I Lie To You?î
ìThere Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)î
√¨Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves√Æ
√¨It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)√Æ
ìWhen Tomorrow Comesî
ìThorn in My Sideî
ìThe Miracle of Loveî
ìMissionary Manî
ìYou Have Placed a Chill in My Heartî
ìI Need a Manî
ìI Saved the World Todayî
ì17 Againî
ìWas It Just Another Love Affair?î