But he’s not Michael Vaughn!

‘Alias’ Fans Fight for Vartan
Fans of hit TV series Alias have launched a campaign to save Michael Vartan’s character, even though producers have failed to confirm they’re killing him off. Vartan, who plays his former girlfriend Jennifer Garner’s on-screen lover Michael Vaughn on the show, reportedly shot his final scenes last week, according to the New York Post. Insiders claim Vaughn will be killed off in the upcoming series, which will also see pregnant Garner coping with impending motherhood both in real life and on the crime drama. The news has prompted some fans to launch, which has been set up to stop any potential Vartan departure. In a posting on the fansite, one devotee states, “Many of us feel that if this were to occur, it would be showing the show, the viewers, and Mr. Vartan a huge lack of both respect and loyalty. We have decided to take action and do something to express our feelings.”