I watch mine on planes too!

Home Video Isn’t Just for the Home Anymore
“Home video” or “home entertainment” are quickly being obsolete terms given the proliferation of devices that now allow consumers to watch video on-the-go.
According to Home Media Retailing magazine (whose title may also be heading for obsolescence just months after it was adopted to replace Video Store magazine) portable entertainment has become a major growth area.
The magazine quoted Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment as saying, “Whether it’s a business traveler with a laptop or kids in the back of the family minivan, people are creating their own personal entertainment environments wherever they go.”
The magazine also cited figures from Autobytel’s Automotive Information Center indicating that 22 car models now offer DVD players as standard features and another 20 percent offer them as options.
Sales of portable DVD players, it noted, rose 50 percent in the 12-month period ended June 30 from the same period a year ago.