Who wouldn’t!?!?

‘Broken Flowers,” Jim Jarmusch’s charming comedy, features Bill Murray, Sharon Stone, Julie Delpy and Tilda Swinton.
But the scene that has everybody talking stars a 20-ish (she won’t give her age) New York actress named Alexis Dziena.
Murray is Don Johnston, a ladies’ man who sets off on a journey to find the ex-girlfriend who sent him a disturbing letter about a 19-year-old son he knows nothing about.
One stop is the home of ex-lover Laura (Stone) and her sex-kitten daughter, Lolita (Dziena).
It’s here that the young woman provides brief but explicit nudity √≥ front and back.
The scene lasts maybe 10 seconds, but it elicits gasps from audiences, not to mention hot buzz on the Internet.
So, Cine File asked Dziena, how did Bill Murray ó the man, not the character ó react to seeing so much of her?
“I can’t really answer,” she says with a girlish giggle. “Probably he was feeling whatever he portrayed on screen.”
And how did Dziena (pronounced Da-zeena) feel seeing herself naked on the big screen?
“My manager and my mom were sitting next to me, and I was biting my manager’s hand and putting my foot in my mom’s lap,” she confesses.
“Then it was over, and I said it wasn’t so bad. It’s a lot scarier in concept.”
Dziena spoke with Cine File from L.A., where she’s shooting an ABC-TV dramatic series, “Invasion,” debuting Sept. 21.
Her character: “The wild daughter of the local sheriff.”
Dziena used to be an item with Michael Pitt, the hunky actor who plays the Kurt Cobain character in “Last Days.”
They split up a year ago, “but we’re still friends.”
She has a new boyfriend, but doesn’t want to talk about him.
Dziena was born and raised in Manhattan, where she lives with her real-estate-selling mother.
In her spare time, the actress writes plays, paints and plays piano and cello.
She’s also learning drums. “I like it, but I don’t think my neighbors do.”
Oh, yes. The small tattoo we see on her butt in “Broken Flowers” was painted on just for the movie.