Lets get rid of Ivette!!

Fans to vote in ‘Big Brother’ twist
CBS has announced that on this weekís live eviction broadcast, host Julie Chen will be bringing back the ëAmericaís Choiceí option to ëBig Brotherí.
Through cell phone text messaging, viewers will be able to √¨influence the course of the game√Æ and vote on a crucial poll after the episode airs. Fans will also be able to cast their votes on the official CBS Internet site as well. The twist comes at a time when the ‘Big Brother’ house is clearly divided into two separate alliances which will be dead even at five per side once this week’s eviction takes place.
Rumours on what the actual twist will be range from viewers getting to pick who wins the Head of Household title this week, which evicted HouseGuest should re-enter the house to continue playing the game or even who is given immunity from eviction or which player should be awarded the Power of Veto.
CBS will also be offering wallpapers and ring tones through the wireless service.
In the original U.S. edition of ‘Big Brother’ the viewing public voted off the contestants. That option was removed during the second season when the new and current producers revamped the series and changed how the game was played.