THey aren’t trying to replace him, but then again they are.

INXS Not Trying to Replace Hutchence
LOS ANGELES – Although INXS is looking for a new singer, guitarist Tim Farriss says the band isn’t “in any way, shape or form trying to replace Michael Hutchence.”
“What we really want is somebody who brings their own personality along and someone completely different,” Farriss told AP Radio in a recent interview. The band has used guest vocalists since Hutchence died in 1997.
A new reality show to find a lead singer, “Rock Star: INXS,” premiered Monday night on CBS, hosted by Dave Navarro, former guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction, and TV personality Brooke Burke.
Fifteen performers are competing on the show. The last singer standing will make an album with INXS and go on tour with the band, known for their hits “What You Need” and “Need You Tonight.”
What would Hutchence say about the contest?
“I think he’d think it was kind of funny in a good way, ’cause in some ways it is,” Farriss said. “But in another way, it’s really an organic way to find a new singer. It’s the best way we could think of.”