C’mon, admit it! You’ve watched her at least once in 21 years!!

Johanson’s Sunday sex show cancelled
TORONTO (CP) – No more TV sex from Sue, at least not in Canada.
Sex counsellor Sue Johanson says she’s ceasing production on her Sunday Night Sex Show on the W network, but insists it has nothing to do with ratings. The popular therapist, grandmother and former nurse says she will continue to do the U.S. version of her show here, which she had been taping immediately after the Canadian one. It began airing on the Oxygen network south of the border in 2002.
“I’ve been doing the show now on Canadian television for 21 years,” she says. “So I felt that if something’s going to give, it has to be the one that’s longest in the tooth.”
Johanson says she will, however, continue to teach sex ed to Canadian college and university students right across the country.
She insists she didn’t cease the Canadian show because doing both of them was too tiring.
“I’m one of these women that has too much energy. I’m a pain in the butt.”
She says it was simply a case of contract renewal time and while the show was a ratings winner for W, which owned the show, her travel commitments made it impossible to stretch herself any further.
“I do 60 colleges and universities a year right across the country.”
Johanson concedes W was surprised by her decision but that Canadian kids and their parents have been exposed to her “yapping” for a long time now.
She doesn’t know of any plans at present for a Canadian broadcaster to start importing the Oxygen show.
Johanson’s sex counselling show started on Toronto radio in 1984, then moved to WTN in February 1996. With WTN re-branded as W, the live show continued on Sundays with classic episodes running during the week.
Johanson has been a popular guest on such U.S. talk shows as The View, David Letterman and Conan O’Brien. Her show also airs, with Portuguese subtitles, in Brazil.
Her quarter century of experience includes establishing Toronto’s Don Mills Birth Control Clinic in 1970, where she remained as a clinic co-ordinator until ’86. She began teaching sex and sexuality in schools in 1974. And she’s written three books on sexuality, not including one on her show, Nocturnal Emissions: Behind the Scenes of the Sunday Night Sex Show.
The last original show has already aired on W. Repeats will continue until the fall.