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More Bloodshed Ahead with ‘Rambo IV’
LOS ANGELES ( – It’s been nearly 20 years, and an older, but no less volatile John Rambo is returning to the big screen.
Nu Image/Millennium Films has acquired the rights to Dimension Films’ “Rambo IV,” the third sequel to the popular 1982 film starring Sylvester Stallone as an unstable Vietnam War vet who can’t seem to live a peaceful, ammo-free existence.
The latest installment centers on Rambo’s having “assimilated into the tapestry of America,” living with his wife and 10-year-old daughter. Still working for the military, he gets pressured by work to relocate to the American outback where he gets in touch with his Navajo roots and is targeted by white supremacists.
Once again, the former Green Beret is forced by others to take up the gun when his daughter is taken hostage. Stallone will reportedly co-star with a younger actor for the film.
Production is scheduled to begin in January 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria and will move on to locations in India and the United States.
In a statement, Nu Image/Millennium Films chairman Avi Lerner says: “It’s a franchise. If No. 4 works, then you have a No. 5.” He also referred to Stallone as “one of the smartest guys I know.”
Stallone, 58, has been nominated for his acting and orginal screenplay for 1976’s “Rocky,” which also spawned a successful franchise. His most recent credits include “Shade” and “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.” He also hosted the Mark Burnett reality boxing show “The Contender” on NBC.