Hot time, summer in the DVD player!

Surfacing in time for summer
Summer brings breezier fare to the multiplex, from special-effects blockbusters to silly comedies and wholesome offerings aimed at families. And why shouldn’t your DVD player get the same respite from the heavier fare of fall and winter?
USA TODAY has selected five movies with summer themes that get new treatment on DVD this season:
1. ‘Jaws’
Why it says summer: This 1975 summer blockbuster was the first movie to gross more than $100 million. The hunt for the great white shark that terrorizes the resort town of Amity enlists a sailor, Quint (Robert Shaw), a police chief (Roy Scheider) and a scientist (Richard Dreyfuss). Plenty of beach scenes and jump-out-of-your-seat chills.
What’s new: A 30th anniversary DVD arrives June 14 (Universal, $23, rated PG) with a new two-hour documentary, The Making of Jaws, and From the Set, a feature that has a previously unavailable interview with director Steven Spielberg. Also: a 60-page photo booklet.
2. ‘Stripes’
Why it says summer: Released in the summer of 1981, this comedy about two down-on-their-luck friends who join the Army to get in shape secured ex-Saturday Night Live-r Bill Murray’s status as a leading man.
What’s new: It has been on DVD since 1998; an extended cut out June 7 (Sony, $20, rated R) has 18 minutes of new footage. A one-hour documentary includes interviews with the cast and a tribute to the late John Candy.
3. ‘Father of the Bride’
Why it says summer: Got wedding issues? This remake of the 1950 Spencer Tracy-Elizabeth Taylor best-picture nominee should take your mind off of them for 105 minutes or so. Steve Martin is Dad, Diane Keaton is Mom and Kimberly Williams the bride. Martin Short is a fussy, funny wedding planner.
What’s new: A 15th-anniversary edition out June 7 (Disney, $20, rated PG) includes Martin and Short interviewing each other.
4. ‘The Sandlot’
Why it says summer: The 1993 Sandlot is a beloved tale of a new kid in town who makes friends on a pickup baseball team.
What’s new: A direct-to-DVD sequel to the original film (Fox, in stores, $20, rated PG; with The Sandlot in a $25 double-pack), this is an updated take on the tale about baseball and a scary neighborhood dog that thwarts the kids. A special feature includes interviews with both casts and writer/director David M. Evans.
5. ‘Summer Magic’
Why it says summer: Longing for the homey summertime films of days gone by? This oft-forgotten 1963 live-action Disney film will transport you back.
What’s new: Just out on DVD (Disney, $20, rated G), the movie stars Hayley Mills √≥ two years after appearing in the summer hit The Parent Trap√≥ as a teenager whose family moves from Boston to the country. Burl Ives provides musical accompani- ment.