Are you holding your breath?

Lucas, Spielberg OK ‘Indy 4’ script
The script approval for a fourth “Indiana Jones” film has cleared two major hurdles — but still has one more to go. reports George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have given the green light to writer Jeff Nathanson’s draft of “Indy 4,” but star Harrison Ford, who has to give the thumbs up in order for the film to move forward, has yet to read the script.
Nathanson (“The Terminal,” “Catch Me If You Can”) took over the writing duties from Frank Darabont, (“The Shawshank Redemption,” “Collateral”) who had originally been brought in to script a concept the trio liked, but sources said Lucas was unhappy with the draft.
Scheduling the filming for “Indiana Jones 4” may hit a snag due to Spielberg’s busy schedule — he is heading to Europe to begin production on an untitled drama about the aftermath of the terrorist incidents at the 1972 Munich Olympics, and will follow it with a movie about Abraham Lincoln and the U.S. Cival War, starring Liam Neeson.