Stop acting like a party idiot, and we’ll think about taking you seriously!!

Lohan Wants To Be Taken Seriously
Teen star Lindsay Lohan is fed up with the press only being interested in her wild social life, because she’s desperate to be taken seriously as an actress. The 18-year-old actress has signed up to work with Meryl Streep on the upcoming movie from legendary director Robert Altman, the film version of A Prairie Home Companion. And Lohan is enraged her fellow actresses Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson, who are both just two years older than her, are highly praised for their work whereas she’s known for her relentless partying and troubled family life. She says, “It’s hard for me to have to watch that. I work just as hard as those people and sometimes (the media) make it seem that they’re more mature because their fan base is more mature and my fan base is younger So they’re writing about me going out all the time. It’s easy to over-publicize me. I’m a young kid and I have a lot of pressure… (but) I know work is work.”