Fraser as a bad guy?!??!

Grammer To Play Blue Beast in ‘X-Men 3’
Fans of Kelsey Grammer are set to find him tough to recognize in his next project – he’s playing a furry blue monster in the second X-Men sequel. In X-Men 3, the former Frasier star will play oversized mutant Beast, who has not yet appeared in any of the franchise’s installments. While there has been a shocked reaction to Grammer’s casting, producers of the movie insist he’s the perfect choice for the part – because Beast is the most intelligent of all the mutants. Snatch star Vinnie Jones is also set to undergo a huge image overhaul when he plays villainous Juggernaut in the movie. His character is a 900 pound metal-clad battering ram. The sci-fi series stars Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn. The movie, to be directed by Matthew Vaughn, is set to debut in May next year.