So Gwen is the release date?

Gwen Stefani Plans Another Solo Album By Year’s End
It seems the “Hollaback Girl” is getting ready to do just that √≥ six months after its release, Gwen Stefani’s planning a sequel to her solo album, Love, Angel, Music, Baby. She hopes to have it out by the holidays and thinks that deadline is doable since she has so many leftovers from her original recording sessions.
“Me and Pharrell are going in the studio again, and we just started talking about doing a whole ‘nother album with the tracks that never made it on this record and maybe writing a few more,” she said. “It’s going to be kind of like ‘part two.’ ”
After her initial sessions with Pharrell Williams, who produced “Hollaback Girl” (see “Gwen Stefani Answers No Doubt Fans With ‘Attitude Song’ “), Stefani realized that she overshot her mark. “The next day, I was like, ‘Now I have to put out two records, I got too many tracks,’ ” she said. “There was a moment where I almost did, but it didn’t work out.”
Much like before, now her dilemma is trying to decide which tracks to pick. There’s the first song she wrote with Linda Perry, “Fine by You.” “It’s cute, but not what I was looking for,” Gwen said. “But it always feels good to write a song.” There’s also “Wonderful Life for Him,” featuring Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore on guitar, which was one of the last songs Stefani wrote with Perry and freaked the singer out so much she had to flee from the session (see “Gwen Stefani Turns To Bandmate For Aid After Freak-Out”). “It’s a great track,” Stefani said. “I wanted to write this deep song for a friend who had passed away, but I came in the next day and [Perry] had already written lyrics.”
Stefani also has plenty of tracks she’s already written with other producers, such as “Parental Advisory” with Rich Harrison and “You Started It” with Pharrell. Of the latter she said, “It has these great chords, and to me, it doesn’t sound anything like the Neptunes. It sounds like an early, early No Doubt song. “There are a lot of songs to choose from,” she laughed. “It’s really hard to choose, just because I want everyone to hear all the songs.”