Enjoy your time off, but come back soon Bill!

Murray Wants a Break from Acting
Bill Murray has announced plans to ditch his tiring movie career – in favor of mowing lawns and reading books.
The Lost In Translation star, 54, admits that since filming his new Jim Jarmusch-directed movie Broken Flowers recently, he’s begun appreciating just how much he needs a break.
He says, “Doing all those movies in a row, I didn’t have anything left. At the end of Jim’s movie I was empty, dry as a bone.”
Murray goes on to describe his experience shooting The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou as “a penitentiary sentence” because he was separated from his family for so long.
He adds, “I’m really looking to cut lawns for the summer. I don’t really want to work at all.” Murray also intends to sit back, read books and play the guitar and piano.