I’ll tell this to her heart, I hope you saved your money from your heyday!!

Taylor Dayne Looks for Career ‘Remaking’
NEW YORK – Former 1980s dance-pop diva Taylor Dayne is looking for a career makeover from VH1’s “Remaking” reality series.
Known for her 1987 hit “Tell It To My Heart,” Dayne, 43, will undergo consulting from a team of experts, including two personal trainers, a choreographer and producer Rodney Jerkins, who has created hits for the likes of Destiny’s Child and Jennifer Lopez.
“To me, it was about finding new opportunities,” Dayne tells the New York Daily News in Monday’s editions. “I know my voice touches people. It has for years. I can’t give that up.”
The “Remaking” episode begins with Dayne performing three nights a week to distracted audiences at Florida’s Walt Disney World.
“What was I thinking?” Dayne asks defensively, the Daily News reports. “I was thinking my kids got to have a good week at Epcot Center. I was thinking, it’s paying my bills. I’ve grinned and beared a lot of crap, trust me.”
Dayne eschews plastic surgery, although the episode shows her getting Botox injections in her forehead as part of her comeback attempt. Already, the single mom has made an appearance on “The View,” where she performed her Jerkins-produced song “Right Now.”
“Remaking” previously featured Motley Crue’s lead singer Vince Neil and its future lineup includes Jody Watley and Vanilla Ice.
“Remaking: Taylor Dayne” premieres 10 p.m. Thursday on VH1.