Enjoy your retirement, Sir!

TV’s David Halton retires after four decades as a news correspondent
TORONTO (CP) – David Halton, the rock-steady Washington correspondent for CBC-TV News, is retiring after four decades on the job, the CBC announced Tuesday.
“There are few major stories in the past 40 years that don’t have David Halton’s fingerprints,” said CBC news boss Tony Burman. “This is yet another reminder of the depth of talent in the CBC News organization.”
But Burman noted that Halton, after a period of relaxation, has still agreed to be a special contributor to the news department. He’s also planning to write a book.
Alison Smith will join Neil Macdonald in the CBC’s Washington bureau this fall.
Halton joined CBC News in 1965 and a year later became the network’s Paris correspondent at the age of 26. In 1971 he returned home and reported from Quebec. He’s also been a correspondent in Moscow, London and Ottawa and, for the past decade, reported from Washington.
Born in Beaconsfield, England, he was brought to Canada when he was two years old. His father, Matthew Halton, was a famous correspondent for CBC Radio during and after the Second World War.