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Bacall Attacks Today’s Actresses
Screen veteran Lauren Bacall has launched another attack on today’s actresses – accusing them of being skinny, talentless and money-obsessed women who sacrifice everything for fame. The 80-year-old Birth star insists she’s glad she put her movie career on hold to marry actor Humphrey Bogart, because her generation rightfully believed family and happiness was more important than the ruthless quest for money and celebrity status. And she fears movie star status has been cheapened by the influx of talentless women who win film and TV roles because they’re thin and attractive. She complains, “I put my career in second place throughout both my marriages and it suffered. I don’t regret it. You make choices. If you want a good marriage, you must pay attention to that. If you want to be independent, go ahead. You can’t have it all. Today, women with minuscule talent are willing to sacrifice everything for their careers. Actors today go into TV, which I don’t consider has a lot to do with acting. They only think of stardom. If you photograph well, that’s enough. I have a terrible time distinguishing one from another. Girls wear their hair the same, and are much too anorexic-looking. We live in an age of mediocrity. Stars today are not the same stature as Bogie (Humphrey Bogart), Jimmy Cagney, Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart.”