No contest in my home – Lost wins easily!! Actuallly, is “American Idol” still on?!?

Showdown Between ‘Lost’ and ‘Idol’
In a decision that is likely to boost the sales of TiVos and other digital video recorders, ABC plans to air the season finale of Lost as a two-hour special on May 25, the last night of the May sweeps and the 2004-05 season, opposite the two-hour season finale of American Idol.. In an interview with Daily Variety, ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson said that the decision “was driven by the creative,” TV jargon for content, adding that the show’s producers and writers “have worked really hard to deliver for this first season, and to have it come to this great climax. They’ve delivered at the highest level, and it made sense to put it on regardless [of the competition].” Fox said that it had always planned to air the Idol finale on May 25.