Great Big Crowe?

Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle produced, co-wrote CD for Russell Crowe
TORONTO (CP) – Russell Crowe’s next musical venture will have a distinctly Canadian flavour.
Great Big Sea frontman Alan Doyle helped produce and co-write the actor’s next CD, tentatively titled My Hand My Heart. The pair began collaborating last summer after meeting backstage following a Great Big Sea concert in Toronto.
“(He) asked if I’d like to come by the hotel some time and write some songs,” Doyle recalled from his studio in St. John’s, Nfld.
Crowe was in Toronto at the time filming Cinderella Man. The rest of the production took place at Crowe’s home studio in Australia.
“It was great fun. It was excellent,” Doyle said. “He’s got such a history of writing and recording music himself that it was great to actually sit with somebody who’s been at it as long, or longer than me, but comes from a completely different part of the world and a completely different perspective on music.”
Doyle praised Crowe’s writing, saying the actor knows how to “deliver a good song” and is a “spectacular lyricist.”
“I’ve never met anyone who pays more attention to the word than Russell Crowe,” Doyle said. “I don’t know if that’s a result of him being a very attentive musician or being the best actor in the world … somebody who’s been exposed to the best dialogue in the world.”
Crowe, who has been singing for several years, was equally impressed by Doyle.
“Alan Doyle is the first magical musical collaboration I have ever experienced,” Crowe said in a statement. “We had the type of synergy I have experienced with other actors or directors, but which has always eluded me in music. I have poured my heart into these songs.”
Doyle is back at work with Great Big Sea on a new CD.